A major force in every effort in which she is engaged

Virginia Lang is a major force in every effort in which she is engaged. A prime example of this began almost four years ago when a group of wildly enthusiastic and highly dedicated leaders in Fort Smith, Arkansas initiated efforts to have the city designated as the site for a national museum honoring the U.S. Marshals Service. Throughout that period of time, this group led an entire community through the U.S. Marshals Service selection process which began with sixteen cities and was eventually narrowed to two. In January 2007, Fort Smith was named as the site for this exciting museum. Virginia not only shared her outstanding creativity, organization, writing skill and vision in this major effort, she also guided the group with wisdom and knowledge.

Virginia wrote the strategic plan for the museum and was among those who made the presentation on behalf of Fort Smith to the U.S. Marshals Service in Washington. As an Administrator at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith at the time, I was fortunate in working with her in this capacity and then later to observe her in many other leadership endeavors.
In the fairly short time she was a resident of our area, Virginia Lang was quickly known as a dynamic leader who got things done. She worked with many different groups and organizations, writing grants, coaching a wide range of leaders, developing strategic plans and even directing drama presentations. She is a very capable facilitator, and she has outstanding interpersonal skills.

Virginia has a particular talent in working with non-profit organizations. Those organizations who have worked closely with Virginia have gone on to even greater success, and they are quick to credit her with their success. It is my pleasure to recommend Virginia Lang as an excellent consultant, facilitator, strategic planner, and an excellent and highly successful grant writer. Whatever she does, she does very well.

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