Jessica Renner

I thank my lucky stars that I found Ginny

Ginny helped me feel comfortable in my own skin as a presenter. I was someone who took 4 years of honors English classes in high school to avoid taking one semester of speech class. I dreaded giving presentations – something that only got worse when I started my own business and had to do just that on a regular basis. Before each presentation, I would get nervous and while I could get though it, I was never confident and comfortable with the process.

After a decade as a business owner, I was invited to teach classes on my area of expertise at the college level. This brought with it a new level of discomfort. Not only did I have to give much longer presentations, more often, I had to figure out how to plan and teach a class. I thank my lucky stars every day that I found Ginny. She taught me the mechanics of planning a class and getting a class “on its feet” as well as the technical basics of being a strong presenter.

I’ve learned how to organize materials so that they flow and are entertaining for my audience. I’ve learned how to project the image that I’m confident in while making my students feel completely engaged. Ginny’s background in theater is a huge asset in this work. She understands what it feels like to be vulnerable as a performer and how to overcome that feeling while using it to communicate authentically. Beyond learning how to present effectively, Ginny taught me how to ad-lib and actually ENJOY giving presentations. She is a talented director and brings her clients’ unique presentation styles to the forefront with kindness and humor in a way that feels effortless. It’s because of Ginny that I get excellent reviews from my students and add new classes to my portfolio every year.

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