Claude Legris

Ginny’s expertise in the world of nonprofit organizations is boundless

If Virginia Lang can face ten members of the United States Marshals Service and emerge victorious, she can no doubt be of great value to your organization.
In the few short years that Ginny Lang resided in Fort Smith, Arkansas (2005-2008), she made a lasting contribution to our community by playing a major role in the successful selection process of being named the future location of the United States Marshals Service national museum.

Ginny enthusiastically accepted the responsibility of addressing the more mundane aspects of the process including the creation of a business plan and operating structure for the proposed institution. She was called upon to organize and present the most critical issues both in writing and in person as a presenter at Marshals headquarters in Washington D.C., and during the final site inspection visit in Fort Smith. The members of the Service were quickly impressed with her thorough grasp of the subject matter and her knowledge and passion for the history of their 218 year old organization.

Ginny’s expertise in the world of nonprofit organizations is boundless. Her professionalism, passion, creativity and humor bring the worlds of business and the arts together to the benefit of many. Simply put, hire Virginia Lang while you have the opportunity. She will quickly become a valued business associate and personal friend.

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