Steffani Fletcher

Her results speak for themselves

Having Ginny Lang on the Hope at Hand team has been a game-changer in all areas of our operations. Ginny was able to quickly and accurately grasp the mission and vision of our work and translate our goals into effective grant language. Ginny even made a website recommendation to keep our application language consistent with what was being published on the web. Within 30 days, we pulled the original website down and launched an entirely new website following Ginny’s recommendations. Her suggestions for bookkeeping has changed our prior system of keeping track of grant monies and spending categories.

As a client living 3000 miles away, the space between us goes unnoticed. We spend hours collaborating on the phone and through documents that we edit and share. I actually find our long distant communications more efficient than working with local companies, since I am not driving all over town to make another appointment. Our communications are streamlined, focused and successful. The number of grants submitted on behalf of Hope at Hand has tripled. Our grant awards have increased 100%. Press releases sent to celebrate our successful grant awards have proven to increase our presence and awareness within the North Florida community. Her results speak for themselves.

Ginny Lang is more than a just “a grant writer” to me personally. She is a wealth of knowledge and she gives freely. She has taught me so much about the grant writing industry and how to be successful. My success is co-mingled with her success. She has taken the time to mentor me in a way that I could have never imagined. I highly recommend Ginny Lang and Lang Consulting.

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