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At Lang Consulting, we offer a variety of learning opportunities for board and staff, in person or on the phone or web. We can be flexible with the format and can tailor topics to your specific needs to make sure you get the information you seek, in the format you prefer, to the people who need it now.

Stop worrying and start solving. We can help you Smooth the Way.

Ginny’s Workshops and Presentations by Topic

Present with Confidence

The truth is, not many people are comfortable making presentations. They don’t know how to stand, or where to put their hands, when to gesture or where to include a joke. Your spoken communication is the way that most clients and associates first see you and it’s how they remember you. To effectively convey your message, the people in your audience need to believe you and they need to like you.

Public speaking isn’t complicated, but it does require practice. With practice comes comfort, and finally, ease. One-on-one presentations and interviews require many of the same skills, modified for your specific audience or location. It’s important to your business that you present the best image possible, and that you don’t obscure your message with a distracting or irritating podium presence. Presentation coaching is painless and it can even be fun. (I know that’s hard to believe if you’re a nervous presenter, but trust me on this one.)

One-on-one, personal coaching for a particular presentation, a workshop you’re just developing, or to sharpen your skills. This approach might be best when time is short and you have to look, sound, and feel good…this week. Personal consultation can keep you thinking about your audience and what they see and hear. Check this out on the Flash Coaching page if you want to get at it quickly.

Group workshops, custom designed for up to twenty people, teach skills for any presentation, formal or off-the-cuff. From four hours to two day workshop formats include speaking in a small group, with feedback from those learning with you; a valuable asset for your professional image…and it never hurts to have some fun in the process. We can include video taping and/or follow up coaching virtually or in person to boost your confidence even more.

“Train the trainer” sessions can ensure that you have in-house assistance whenever you need it—for that unexpected presentation.

Grant Writing Level 1 and 2

Take the mystery out of grant writing in this content-rich course designed to dramatically improve your grant writing skills. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to research potential funders, analyze their requirements, and assemble the components of grant proposals essential to receiving funding. You’ll also gain the tools to write a compelling narrative, create a project budget, and provide accurate reporting so that your contributors say “yes!” again and again.
Full and half day formats

Often I teach GW1 over 3 weeks and GW2 over 4 weeks at Whatcom Community College. So of you’re in Northwest Washington, check out the Happening Soon page and see if these workshops are coming up. If you’re anywhere else or want to bring these classes into your organization, drop me an email and we’ll figure the best way to do that.

Asking With Confidence

Are you comfortable when it’s time to ask for money face to face? If you said no, you’re not alone. All nonprofits need to raise resources, and the most commonly held fear is “making the ask.” This eye-opening workshop focuses on how to overcome the apprehension, how to choose the right person for the job and how to be prepared to move the conversation forward. It all starts with donor centered cultivation. Then, armed with knowledge and practice, board members and staff can experience less stress and more success in fundraising.

Partnering with the Business Sector

In today’s economy, nonprofits are discovering that creativity is key when it comes to raising funds and earning income. In this revealing workshop learn strategies and methods to both craft and nurture partnerships with businesses. We’ll watch some sample interviews with decision makers who share their experiences and preferences in working with nonprofits and analyze the best ways to approach and sustain mutually beneficial relationships that can add substantial income streams to your fund development plan.

Volunteer Management

Are you interested in attracting and Retaining the best of the best? From your executive board members to your office assistant to your once-a-year event greeters, volunteers are the life-blood of nonprofit organizations. How do we find the right people and keep them coming back? In this focused look at dynamic recruiting, necessary screening, comprehensive training and long term retention, we will journey into the real world of working with volunteers who are eager to meet the needs of your organization.

Board Roles and Relationships

There are practical reasons for the traditional divisions of responsibility and labor among board members and with staff but when those lines blur, the result can be confusion and even drama. What is the difference between the responsibilities of the board as a body and board members as individuals?  How do we navigate the realities of mission and vision, compliance, financial literacy, governance, support?  In this enlightening workshop, we’ll use real world examples and best practices to examine successes and failures in the clarity and teamwork that’s essential to mission-based management.

Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials

Discover the tools for successful nonprofit fundraising.  Let’s discuss fundraising essentials like developing a fundraising plan, the role of the board in fundraising, and a variety of techniques such as events, donations, grants, and sponsorships. Let’s get real about building lasting relationships with funders and matching their interests with your needs.

Strategic planning: An Overview

What is strategic planning, why should we do it, and how do we get started? Get the facts about strategic so you can make informed decisions on if, how and when to approach the planning process.

Most workshops and classes are offered in two, three, or four hour formats. If you’re interested in booking a class, drop me an email – ginny@langconsult.com – and we’ll discuss your needs tailor the information for you.

The Enlightened Volunteers Series

Presented by Virginia Lang

For business leaders and entrepreneurs: Become an Enlightened Volunteer Leader through Leadership Level Community Involvement

There is something you care about deeply. Is it putting an end to domestic violence or breast cancer or heart disease or children in poverty? Is it repairing the environment? Supporting the arts? Ending animal abuse and neglect? Do you wish you had the time and energy to make a difference – to change the world?

This is the presentation and workshop I created for leadership programs, corporate volunteers and professional organizations. It’s a step-by step approach to community involvement that shares your passion, feeds your soul and puts you in a position of strength, authenticity and integrity. You can develop your influence as a leader, bring resources to the causes you care about, create the good will that helps boosts public awareness of your business. All at the same time.

Whether you work for a large corporation, own your own business, or you are just beginning your career, you know that contributing your time and expertise to something you really care about is essential to your personal and professional life.

Here’s how to make it work – without burnout.

~Available as a keynote presentation or a detailed workshop with materials and extra coaching ~

For nonprofit professionals and board members: Cultivate Enlightened Volunteer Leaders for your Organization

The conversation about donor-centric giving is common in discussions of fundraising, but it is sorely absent in most plans that address Volunteer Management. Imagine what would happen if your board and committee members were always engaged and effective. It’s possible if your leadership level volunteers are getting what they need from their relationship with your nonprofit.

In this workshop we explore a blueprint to align the needs of leadership level volunteers with the mission of the organization. Empower them as leaders with carefully selected tasks and strategically leveraged recognition. Then stand back and watch them thrive and deliver what your organization needs most: support from the community.

You can fix it –now, THIS year — by following a clear, simple process.

This is the presentation and workshop I created to help nonprofits cultivate and nurture their leadership volunteers.

~Available as a keynote presentation or a detailed workshop with materials and extra coaching ~

The Mindset and Materials Series for Nonprofit Professionals and Board Members

Ginny and Jess

Ginny and Jess

Jessica Renner of Studiohatch joins Ginny for these workshops. The difference here is that Jessica brings the added perspective of a seasoned communications professional who understands the materials, verbal and visual, you need to support your work.

Jessica Renner is a communications professional who has worked with nonprofits for over a decade. She is the founder and creative director of Studiohatch, a green communications firm in Bellingham, WA. She has a wealth of expertise in the design and development of communications strategies at local and national levels. Jessica has been involved with marketing and communications for a wide array of socially responsible businesses from local sustainable construction to international outdoor equipment manufacturing. Her work with nonprofits has contributed to the protection of migration corridors in the Central Cascades, the conservation of Old-Growth forests in the Pacific Northwest, and a raised awareness of the devastating effects of toxic chemicals in our bodies. She teaches a variety of topics for businesses and nonprofits including branding, development, and design. Jessica holds a BA in Graphic Design from Western Washington University, is passionate about community involvement, and has a history of nonprofit board service. She currently serves on the steering committee for Whatcom Council of Nonprofits.

Fundraising Without Fear: Mindset and Materials
An integrated approach to communications and development

All nonprofits need to fundraise but the most commonly voiced fear is “making the ask.” Do you always feel prepared? Do you always have the materials you need? This workshop helps staff and board members address the insecurities surrounding fundraising by first adjusting the way we think about it and then looking at the materials we use to support the effort.

Here’s the rationale…….when fundraising/development is utilizing the same message and materials as marketing/outreach, the pressure is off and the results are impressive! By working in concert, both departments have the essential tools needed to raise funds and increase support for the nonprofit’s mission. This eye-opening workshop focuses on how to streamline your fundraising efforts for consistent and effective results.

Whether you’re a nonprofit executive, staff member or a board member involved in development, this groundbreaking workshop is for you.

Volunteer Management: Mindset and Materials
An integrated approach to program management and communications

How do we best represent our agencies to attract enthusiastic, loyal volunteers to programs that are both practical and engaging?

In a time of simultaneous staff cuts and the need for more personnel, this workshop approaches Volunteer Management from planning to implementation to ongoing administration with a snapshot of proven program strategy and the materials you need to support it.

Touching all the components: Prospecting, Recruiting, Orientation, Training, Engagement, Retention, Reporting, Recognition – we will discuss working with both line volunteers and those in leadership positions.

Effective Presentations: Mindset and Materials
An integrated approach to communications and presentation

Public speaking is one of the most common phobias in the world. The truth is many people are uncomfortable making presentations. They don’t know how to stand or where to put their hands, when to gesture or where to include a joke. However, your spoken communication is the way that most clients and associates first see you and how they remember you…to start with.

The visuals you use to announce and support your presentation and the written materials you leave behind create an impression that endures long after the sound of your voice has faded from the ear of the audience. After the presentation is over, you need to be sure that they remember what you said by referencing their notes and handouts.
In the third installment of the Mindset and Materials series for nonprofits, Ginny and Jessica offer a bird’s eye look at Public Speaking – what makes an effective presentation and the tools that can make you more comfortable in front of an audience of any size.

Mindset and Materials workshops are offered in 4 hour, 8 hour and 2 day versions. Longer formats mean more personal attention and time to practice skills with hands-on games and exercises.