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WHY Coaching?

Because what you pay attention to is what gets solved

I can help you focus

Because you can get distracted with the million things you have to do

I can help you stay on track

Because you can get overwhelmed with the details

I can help you avoid stressing out

Because it’s easier to hear it from someone else

I can help you get out of your head

Because your best friend, your partner and your mother all know you too well to be objective

I can help you take a bird’s eye view

Because two brains are better than one, especially if the added brain is someone with lots of experience and resources to draw on

I can help you find examples, words and images that will motivate and inspire you

Award winning fundraising professional Claire Axelrad says, “In some ways, coaching is like going to a conference or reading a book; then bringing the presenter or the author back with you to the office to pick their brain specifically as to how this all pertains to you and your organization. Because what works for someone else may not work for you.” What a great observation!

Whether it’s beating your fear of public speaking, exploring new ways to assert yourself as a leader, settling into a new career, or even navigating a tricky relationship, coaching helps you focus on what matters to you.

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Ginny Lang

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