Wine for a Cause!

What’s your passion? Do you care about breast cancer education and awareness? How about treatment for children with autism? Food for the hungry? Forever homes for homeless animals? Arts education for low income kids?  Veterans deploying their skills for disaster relief? These are only a few of the causes supported by the proceeds from every bottle of ONEHOPE wine. We all like to see the things that we’re buying anyway have an impact on helping something we care about.

ONEHOPE wine is a mission driven winery in Napa that gives to lots of global causes: cancer, autism, veterans, pet adoptions, hunger, LGBT youth, the environment – you name it. The mission is built right into the wine. Half (yes, 50%!) of the proceeds from each bottle go to a designated global cause, so when people buy a bottle of ONEHOPE they know they’ve made an impact. In July 2017 alone, ONEHOPE donated over $28,000 to its Cause Partners nationwide.

But that’s only part of the story. ONEHOPE also works with communities to raise money for their own local causes. This can work any number of ways, with tastings and parties hosted by the nonprofit itself or by businesses, board members or donors – or even a virtual event to get nonprofit supporters acquainted with the process.

ONEHOPE’s core varietals are made in partnership with Robert Mondavi Jr., so they are a hit with wine lovers and aficionados. Many varieties score 90 points or higher, and they have received 100+ medals. As well as the selection of core varietals for everyday table/dinner wine, there are great Reserve wines for special occasions, festive sparkle bottles when you want to make a splash, and themed gift boxes too.  People get to buy good wine at a good price, help the global good, and support local causes at the same time. Everybody wins.

How it works locally…

We set up an “event” shopping link and share it through the host with board members, friends, supporters, colleagues, anyone who cares about the nonprofit’s work. Everyone who chooses to purchase through that link receives 30% off retail pricing and 10% of their purchase gets donated to the nonprofit. All gift items also qualify for the 10% donation.

 Half the purchase price still goes to the global cause (the pre-selected ONEHOPE Cause Partner) as well. When the attendees at an event or tasting place an order, it’s processed through that shopping link. Then, to keep it going, the link can appear on a website, in newsletters and fundraising materials, wherever supporters connect with the organization – so they  get in the habit – so they continue buying their wine from ONEHOPE and generating a donation with every purchase. The donations on orders are processed every month.

Why me? Why now? (Wine me? Wine now?)

I’ve worked with nonprofits for decades and I’m all about finding ways to help them be sustainable. We’re going to need more and more ways to stay sustainable in the coming months and years. This fits right into a well rounded development plan. I can’t find a downside and believe me, I’ve tried. Amazon Smile donates ½ of 1%. There are others like Giving Assistant where members determine giving percentages and the ones I’ve looked at are usually around 5%. Those are great, but this is ten percent – that’s about $17 on every case of wine and it can add up quickly. What if a supporter of a nonprofit bought multiple cases of ONEHOPE wine for a wedding or bridal shower? For a holiday party? For a housewarming? To use at the nonprofit’s next event? Or what if a business regularly buys gifts for clients and would like to benefit a local nonprofit in the process?  This is good for nonprofit PR too – not only does the NP receive the donation, but they get to highlight that they are generating donations to global causes as well. There’s no cap. There’s no competition.  Everybody wins.

Here are a couple of links that tell you more:

And here’s my ONEHOPE GRAPES FOR GOOD website portal if you’d like to take a look.

AND — If you’d like to talk about setting up a tasting or a virtual event to benefit a local nonprofit (or if you’re interested in the ONEHOPE business itself) email me at and we’ll schedule a time to chat.

That’s the scoop! Cheers!
Ginny Lang